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Re: bdb 4.6 issue with 2.4.12

Buchan Milne wrote:
I built on RHEL5 with with the db4internal option on my package,
which builds db4 as follows:
../dist/configure --build=x86_64-redhat-linux --prefix=/usr \
   --exec-prefix=/usr --bindir=/usr/bin --sbindir=/usr/sbin --sysconfdir=/etc \
   --datadir=/usr/share --includedir=/usr/include --libdir=/usr/lib64 \
   --libexecdir=/usr/sbin --localstatedir=/var --sharedstatedir=/usr/com \
   --mandir=/usr/share/man --infodir=/usr/share/info --enable-shared \
   --disable-static --with-uniquename=_openldap_slapd24_mdv \
   --program-prefix=slapd2.4_  \

Exactly the same behaviour.

Will post the entire build log tomorrow, and maybe test on 4.7 as well.

I just built 4.6.21 with --with-mutex=POSIX/pthreads on Ubuntu amd64 and it works fine here. Likewise works fine with 4.7.25.

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