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Upgrading 2.3.35 to 2.4.11 - best approach?

Hi all,

I looked in the online version of the Admin Guide for upgrade instructions, but they don't seem to have been written. So I have come to the experts for guidance.

I have successfully compiled and installed the new version, and run it as a slave in our existing system. I allowed to create its database via syncrepl, and that worked a treat (although it took longer than I expected). It's been happily running for a while and I have no issues.

My question is really, what's the best way to approach the upgrade of the master server?

Since we're going from BDB4.2 to BDB4.4, I assume it wouldn't be be a good idea to just plug the existing database into the new code.

If I slapcat the old version and slapadd the data into the new version, will that cause the entire database to be resynced out to all slave servers? We have about 100 slave servers, and the thought of (effectively) resetting all their sync cookies all at once makes me shudder.

My other option, since all servers run matching environments, would be to take a copy of the database from a replicated 2.4.11 slave and plug that straight in (having disallowed updates and replication, and taken any other safety measures I can think of). Would this be a stupid risk, or would you expect it to work okay?

Our site info:

All servers run Debian 4.0 (Etch) with near-as-dammit identically configured systems
Kernel is 2.6.22
One master server, many slaves with identical databases.
Replication is done by syncrepl
Bandwidth to some sites is limited
About 12000 records in the database

Thanks, Lesley W

-- Lesley Walker Linux Systems Administrator Opus International Consultants Ltd Email lesley.walker@opus.co.nz Tel +64 4 471 7002, Fax +64 4 473 3017 http://www.opus.co.nz Level 9 Majestic Centre, 100 Willis Street, PO Box 12 343 Wellington, New Zealand