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RE: openLDAP paged response problem

--On October 23, 2008 9:58:57 AM -0700 Navaneetha Subramanian <Navaneetha.Subramanian@citrix.com> wrote:

Thanks for your prompt response.

We use ver 2.3.19 which is quite old. That is just a test server. Does
any later release support paged result for ldbm? Or do we have to use
either back-bdb or back-hdb to get paging support?

What are reasons to not use ldbm backend? Is there a place where I can
read about this?

I am new to OpenLDAP and any help is appreciated.

ldbm had numerous problems, particularly around database corruption. That is why it was replaced by back-bdb and back-hdb, and why it was removed entirely from the OpenLDAP 2.4.12 release.



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