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Re: OpenLDAP 2.4 syncrepl - Size limit exceeded error in consumer end

Brett @Google wrote:
Why dont you try :

limits dn.exact="uid=syncrepl,ou=System,dc=example,dc=com"
size=unlimited time=unlimited

As a test on the provider, maybe your group is not being expanded as you

Group syntax seen elsewhere in this list have looked is more like :

The group syntax is already documented in slapd.conf(5). No need to tell what it's "sort of like as seen on this list" - tell precisely what it is.

size=unlimited time=unlimited

As noted in slapd.conf(5) the default objectclass and attribute are groupOfNames and member, respectively. groupOfUniqueNames and uniqueMember are totally bogus in LDAP.

I'd suggest trying the test again with the dn.exact one first, and if
that works then try the other.

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