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Re: Translucent overlays & replication.

John Maddock wrote:

    Thanks for the reply.

You can't because translucent uses back-ldap which disables lastmod, so
replicating the local database is at least impossible with syncrepl.

The solution I came up with was to slapcat/slapadd when I do changes to the
translucent db...

Would you mind elaborating? The slave server would have to be stopped to use slapadd?

    What I find particularly puzzling is that there seems to be no
way of doing this. Surely if translucent overlays are used then replication
of them is essential.

Not "surely"; the envisioned use case was a small departmental server customizing a small amount of data mastered by a main server. Replication was never a requirement in the original spec.
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