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Re: syncrepl with hardware content switch

Aaron Richton wrote:

availability -- taking down a slave and having everything else converge onto the remaining slaves in well under a second. A load balancer handles this much faster than the vast majority of clients configured with multiple servers, and there's no client delays as they vainly attempt down servers.

In OpenLDAP 2.4, the client library allows clients to register a call that "shuffles" URIs configured via ldap_initialize(). This is used in the proxy backends to take note of a failing server, moving it to the end of the URI list. A "smart" client that repeatedly needs to establish connections to a list of URIs could do the same in order to avoid having to run thru the URI list until one responds. Dumb clients could exploit this by actually contacting a back-ldap/meta configured this way. Of course, this would move the single point of failure to the proxy...


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