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Re: syncrepl with hardware content switch

On Thu, 25 Sep 2008, Howard Chu wrote:

> Seems to me that such a switch really isn't useful here. Also, if you're
> running an LDAP service where the network fabric can actually sustain more
> traffic than your LDAP servers, you've done something very strange.
> Considering that a dual-socket quad-core server running OpenLDAP can
> saturate a gigabit ethernet, I don't see how you can load-balance beyond
> that. The content switch will become the bottleneck.

As per what Aaron said, it's more about availability than performance,
which is good (indexes permitting).

We have a dual site / redundant setup, where two content switches (one
at each site) replicate config between themselves. Each site has it's
own distinct cluster of worker nodes, the content switch(es) own a
virtual ip where work is spread across the worker nodes.

Presently we replicating via the old slurp method, but whilst
upgrading to 2.4 we will need to move to syncrepl replication. On this
there is probably a case for a slurp to syncrepl migration guide. The
section i've seen on syncrepl is ok, but it switches between using
.conf and cn=config in parts which makes them hard to compare.

Probably it should use one or the other config methods for clarity, or
show examples of both IMHO.

Silly question, but on that vein, anybody know where the HEAD openldap
guide source is located ?