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Re: Got Search entry without sync control

Brett @Google wrote:
check that you have not forgotten "overlay syncrepl" on the master
that is printing that error

overlay syncprov, and the error is printed on the consumer, not the master.

that's one case where i've seen this error, does not mean it's your
problem though..

i interpret that message as meaning it's getting a client request to
do syncrepl, but the server is saying it does not know what syncrepl
is. if not that could be a configuration issue do do with syncrepl ?

It means the consumer sent a syncrepl request but didn't get any sync info in the reply. It almost always means there was no syncprov overlay configured on the master.

Cheers Brett

On Fri, Sep 12, 2008 at 2:25 PM, Scott Briggs<scott.br@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi, I'm trying to figure out a problem I'm having with an ldap server
that stopped replicating with log entries like:

do_syncrep2: rid=002 got search entry without Sync State control
do_syncrepl: rid=001 retrying

So can anyone tell me what "got search entry without sync state
control" means?  I could only find 1 other reference to someone who
had this error but nothing was mentioned about what this means.  I'm
running openldap ver. 2.4.9 in a multimaster setup (2 servers) on
Ubuntu hardy.  Thanks.


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