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Re: BDB and cache settings - anything wrong? userPassword field keeps getting corrupted.

--On Thursday, August 28, 2008 8:21 PM +0800 k bah <kbah@linuxmail.org> wrote:

 I have one LDAP master server, a test server, which no one but me has
access to (at least I think). Something really strange is happening,
userPassword fields (they are in MD5 format) keep getting changed every 1
or 2 days. Sometimes they change after a mass add operation, or mass
delete operation. It could be someone messing with me, but that would be
unusual, since they also happen after I do mass operations on the server.
I rechecked my "mass operation" scripts, and they do not seem to be
breaking other entries while they operate on a given entry (add/delete
entry and bind with that DN).  I think maybe my BDB and cache settings
may be causing it, it's just a thought, I really don't know what's going

Have you audited the logs to see if perhaps the userPassword field for those entries is simply being modified in your updates?



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