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Re: Lock table is out of available object entries

--On Thursday, August 28, 2008 8:23 AM -0700 "Reynaldo Quezada V." <reyqv@yahoo.com.mx> wrote:

4.- I was learning about this error and make some tunning to the memory's
parameters  but the error persist
the configuration in the DB_CONFIF is...
set_cachesize   0       1610612736        1
set_lk_max_locks        1048576
# Set database flags.
# (for database loading/reindexing)
# set_flags       DB_TXN_NOSYNC
# Set log values.
set_lg_regionmax        31457280
set_lg_max              20971520
set_lg_bsize            4194304
set_lg_dir              /var/lib/ldap

You need to see how many locks, lock objects, and lockers your database is using, and then adjust those parameters accordingly.


has some information on how to get this information, and how to set it.



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