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Re: Reset LDAP Password for root

Michael StrÃder wrote:
Uli Kleemann wrote:

Installing openldap I made the mistake to follow an old HOWTO and put the root passwort in slapd.conf encrypted as recommend in that HOWTO. So far so good. According to murphyÅ law I didn`t note the plain password so that I know have to reset it. As I couldn`t find a usefull description to do that yet, I would like to ask you for help.

Put the output of slappasswd after directive 'rootdn' and restart the server.

1. It's directive 'rootpw' which is the password for the DN specified with 'rootdn'.
2. You can also just use a clear-text password as value for directive 'rootpw'.
3. If an entry exists with exactly the DN like the 'rootdn' and it has attribute userPassword set you have to remove userPassword from that entry (or the whole entry).

You can manipulate your directory without knowing 'rootpw' by doing slapcat, editing the LDIF file and slapadd the whole directory again.

Ciao, Michael.