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Re: back-sql using varchar keyvals and ids

----- "Jason Potkanski" <JPotkanski@cciminstitute.com> wrote:

> ----- Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it> wrote:
> >You can modify back-sql.h, defining BACKSQL_ARBITRARY_KEY and
> recompiling, to allow strings to be >used as keys.  Not extensively
> tested, but should work.
> Altered the Fedora SRPM to define BACKSQL_ARBITRARY_KEY, rebuilt the
> RPMs. 
> Works as expected with either MS SQL Server or MySQL backends. I was
> able to successfully replace ldap_entries with a view and use
> baseObject in slapd.conf
> Why isn't this #define on by default? Can this be always on or if not
> moved to a configuration variable in slapd.conf to turn it on?

Because it was a hack, initially not meant for release; because allowing the two functionalities run-time is sort of a mess; because using integers is way more efficient.  Probably, it's something to consider anyway (or, at least, to document).


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