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Re: slapd does not start, where do I find the error?

Jorge Medina wrote:
That solved the problem. I wonder why the "configure" step did not
complain about the missing libraries.

It did, but only with a warning. You probably ignored it.

I got the server running using ldaps after installing openssl-devel RPM
package and all its dependencies, recompiling OpenLDAP and reinstalling.

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Oops, yes. I meant 2.4.11
Thanks for the options on calling slapd.
It complains that TLS is not supported; my RHEL comes with openssl
installed but not with the openssl-devel package. I'll try to build
again after installing the openssl-devel package.

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--On Thursday, July 31, 2008 10:14 AM -0400 Jorge Medina
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I got the sources (2.2.8), compiled and installed OpenLDAP in RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 ( 64-bit.) (I also got the sources and compiled BerkeleyDB 4.6)

2.2.8? The latest release is 2.4.11.

Try starting slapd with slapd -d -1 to see why it is unhappy.



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