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Re: Re: slapd dies immediately with signal 9

On Mon, 28 Jul 2008, openldap.lists@frei-family.ch wrote:
> When I tried Aaron's second suggestion of "make install
> STRIP='/usr/ccs/bin/strip'" my terminal was stuffed with error messages.

Such as...?

> I managed to slim down that somewhat bloated slapd binary by setting the
> CPPFLAGS for gcc to "-g0". Now I have a properly working binary (as far as I
> can see) and I'd be interested if there's a possible problem / negative impact
> with the approach I've chosen (no strip but -g0). Does anyone have a comment
> on that ?

What are you trying to achieve?

Stripping *ONLY* reduces the size of the binary on disk.  It has *NO* 
effect on the amount of memory needed to run the binary.  So, unless you 
are running out of disk space (or backup space, etc), you should not strip 
binaries, particularly if there is any chance that you may need to obtain 
a backtrace usiong gdb.

Philip Guenther