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Re: Re: slapd dies immediately with signal 9

Hi all,

Aaron landed a direct hit !

as soon as I used "make install STRIP=''" the binary in the destination directory turned out as perfectly usable and the size compared to the one in the build directory is identical.

The strip utility which hit me is /usr/local/bin/strip (GNU Strip V2.17, obtained as package SMCbinut from sunfreeware.com - since I didn't personally install that package I only checked now and there's some warnings at sunfreeware.com regarding SMCbinut).

When I tried Aaron's second suggestion of "make install STRIP='/usr/ccs/bin/strip'" my terminal was stuffed with error messages.

I managed to slim down that somewhat bloated slapd binary by setting the CPPFLAGS for gcc to "-g0". Now I have a properly working binary (as far as I can see) and I'd be interested if there's a possible problem / negative impact with the approach I've chosen (no strip but -g0). Does anyone have a comment on that ?

Many thanks to all that helped to overcome the troubles of my build attempt !