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Re: make output of ldapsearch readable (disable base64)

Michael StrÃder wrote:
> Zhang Weiwu wrote:
>> Since I have been working on a Chinese language based directory the
>> ldapsearch tool was difficult for me to use, the result is always not
>> readable.
>> This is because if an attribute value contain Chinese, it's
>> automatically displayed using base64. I had to copy & paste the result
>> to 'base64 -d' to read every result, which kills my efficiency.
> This LDIF output is supposed to be ASCII-clean. 
Yes I know, and is the only command line tool currently on my computer
that doesn't output Chinese in UTF-8, given the console (both
framebuffer and X11 terminals) supports UTF-8... (I do most things on
commandline except browsing, e.g. using SQL client)

I would consider being able to produce UTF-8 is a requirement, being
able to output ASCII-only is an option that some user find useful and
can activate or configure/enable, if you can think from a non-western
oriented view.

> You can easily pass it around in e-mails.

As easy as I pass command-line output that contain Chinese to email?
I've been doing such things for years:)