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Re: make output of ldapsearch readable (disable base64)

Zhang Weiwu wrote:

Since I have been working on a Chinese language based directory the ldapsearch tool was difficult for me to use, the result is always not readable.

This is because if an attribute value contain Chinese, it's
automatically displayed using base64. I had to copy & paste the result
to 'base64 -d' to read every result, which kills my efficiency.

This LDIF output is supposed to be ASCII-clean. You can easily pass it around in e-mails.

I had to switch to a GUI ldapbrower, which kills my efficiency more
because I cannot store most of my frequent queries and call them back
as easily would be done on console with readline support.

For my web2ldap you can construct persistent URLs (bookmarks) for certain tasks (search, add, passwd, etc.) with arbitrary LDAP URLs as query strings:

See short description here: http://www.web2ldap.de/usability.html

More examples: http://www.web2ldap.de/demo.html

Ciao, Michael. (with german umlauts in his name)