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Re: Request for Recommendation/Comments: adding another multimaster node

Chris G. Sellers wrote:
I have two multimaster nodes.

I would like to add a third node.

I wondered if there is a best method that has been observed.

Should I slapcat | slapadd , add the syncrpl lines, and start the
servers 1 and 2 and then finally 3?

That would work. Note that servers 1 and 2 don't need to be stopped, they can be running the whole time.

Should I just add the syncrepl lines and let it autobuild on 3 (starting
in 1 2 3 order)

Again, server 1 and 2 don't need to be started in any particular order. This approach is fine if you don't mind the time required to retrieve the entire DB through syncrepl.

Should I do an ldapsearch and ldapadd and let the syncrepl fix the
metadata attributes only ?

No, that would be a stupid waste of time.

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