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Re: How to initialize cn=schema,cn=config with the system schema

Mathias Gug wrote:

I'm currently working on adding support for the config backend to the
Ubuntu openldap package (2.4.10). While creating a new configuration, I
run into the problem of loading the system schema into
/etc/ldap/slapd.d/cn=config/cn=schema.ldif. Using the example from the
slapd-config man page doesn't work: the system schema isn't created in
cn=schema.ldif. Comparing with a slapd.conf conversion, cn=schema.ldif
holds the system schema in the latter case.

I haven't found any ldif file containing the system schema - it seems to
be hardcoded in the source file. So how should I create a brand new
slapd setup using the config backend without converting from an existing
slapd.conf file ? How should cn=schema,cn=config be initialized with
slapadd ?

As documented in the Admin Guide:

5.2.3 cn=schema

The cn=schema entry holds all of the schema definitions that are hard-coded in slapd. As such, the values in this entry are generated by slapd so no schema values need to be provided in the config file. The entry must still be defined though, to serve as a base for the user-defined schema to add in underneath. Schema entries must have the olcSchemaConfig objectClass.

In other words, just make a blank entry. See the example in

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