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Re: segfaults with syncrepl


"Liutauras Adomaitis" <liutauras.adomaitis@gmail.com> writes:

> Ok, I solved my problem with glueing databases.I added ldif file

> Alias problem is not solved. Although I can use my luma browser and see
> replicas as if they were one database, aliases are not working. Is this by
> design? Is there any way to make them work in glued databases? I just need a
> confirmation if somebody thinks I'm not reading manuals :)

I haven't thought about it in depth and i haven't tested it, but think about
what is to be replicated, the alias entry or the aliased entry, or
both? slapd doesn't know, if the alias entry is to be replicated, the
relax control has to be initiated, otherwise the follow alias
parameter in ldap.conf.

> And if i should forget aliases, what could be a work arround or alternative
> solution to get uids stored in o=BranchMain,dc=example.dc=com apear in o=
> BranchX,dc=example,dc=com on each replica? 

probably the seeAlso attribut type may be convenient to you.


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