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Re: Meta backend

Andrew Graham wrote:

Some questions about the back-meta...


According to ITS 3785, any filter that cannot be successfully parsed is
rewritten to include "(!(objectClass=*))" before being propagated to any
target, always producing an empty result. My problem is that one of my
target servers throws a wobbly when it receives a query with this
filter, and takes around 15 seconds to respond with the empty result. Is
there any way of circumventing this behaviour?

You could try the "t-f-support" statement; it makes slapd-meta(5) use an "absolute false" (RFC 4526) filter "(|)". You should check whether the remote server(s) support(s) it. As an alternative, invalid filters could be ignored, but this is not possible right now. You could submit a feature request (via the ITS <http://www.openldap.org/its/>).


Two of the target servers return search references for every query. As
these are of no use in this application, is there some way to stop
openldap from returning these references to the client?

No. As this functionality might be generally useful, feel free to submit a feature request via the ITS.


Just out of interest, are there any plans to enable dynamic config
functionality for back-meta?

Well, there are some; however, a couple of issues currently prevent me from working at it: the configuration is rather involved compared to other backends, and it might require the use of a configuration subtree rather than just one entry. Furthermore, features like the possibility to run-time modifying the number of targets and their order seems to require significant reworking of slapd-meta internals, which means a lot of effort. As such, it is unlikely that I (or SysNet) undertake this without some sponsorship. Of course, patches are welcome as usual.


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