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Re: US ECCN and AL Number/EU ECCN for OpenLDAP 2.3.31


OpenLDAP software still does not contain encryption code.

OpenLDAP software is developed by both US and non-US contributors.

On Wed, 11 Jun 2008, joerg.rockel@nsn.com wrote:


We are using OpenLDAP 2.3.31 in one of our products, and are now in the process of collecting the information
needed to export it to other countries.

Can you tell me what the U.S. Export Control Classification Number(ECCN) for OpenLDAP 2.3.31 is,
and whether a license exception may be used for it?

If you don't know the US ECCN, can you tell me whether any US citizens
or people living in the U.S.A. have contributed code to OpenLDAP 2.3.31 ?

In addition to the U.S. ECCN, there is also a German "ECCN", which is
called the AL Number or EU-ECCN. Can you tell me what the AL or EU-ECCN Number is for OpenLDAP 2.3.31?

To better understand the meaning of the U.S. ECCN, please check the
following webpage:


Many thanks,
Jörg Rockel

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