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Re: Dynamic view

Anders wrote:
 We are using OpenLDAP for user authentication. Now we want to reuse
 the data for internal address books. My problem is that not all
 records should be shown in the address books.

 Just as an example, I might want to hide all records that have
 (active=FALSE). Adding the search constraint to every e-mail client
 is not suitable, as the constraints will probably change over time.

 I imagine having a virtual DN for address books, containing dynamic
 data filtered according to my configuration. From reading the
 documentation, it seems that an overlay would be the thing to use for
 this, but I have been unable to find a suitable overlay. Does one
 exist? Or should I approach this differently?
An interesting approach would be to allow filters on proxy backends. I recall proposing something like that in the past, without a serious need pushing me to implement it. You could look at allowing a filter for back-ldap, and AND it to all search requests.


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