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Re: slapo-rwm and rewriteRules

RaphaÃl 'SurcouF' Bordet wrote:
This rule work fine. I've tried to do the same rule for departmentNumber
and departmentUID RDN change but slapd doesn't start if I set this
following rules :

If slapd doesn't start, it's supposed to log something. Try enabling as much log as needed to understand why it doesn't start.

rwm-rewriteContext searchEntryDN rwm-rewriteRule "^(.+,)?(uid=[^,]+),dc=example,dc=com$" "$1mail={uid2mail($2)},o=Example,c=US" ":I" rwm-rewriteRule "^(.+,)?(departmentUID=[^,]+),dmdName=[^,]+,dc=[a-zA-Z]+,dc=example,dc=com$" "$1departmentNumber={uid2number($2)},ou=services,o=Example,c=US$" ":@I"
Did you define the uid2number map?

Yes I've theses following directives :

rwm-rewriteMap          ldap number2uid
rwm-rewriteMap          ldap uid2number

rwm-rewriteRule         "^(.+,)?dc=example,dc=com$"
			"$1o=Example,c=US" ":@I"
ïThis rule isn't needed when I'm using "massage" argument for "relay"
See above.

Last question : can I modify returned attribute value using rwm ?
Only DN-valued attributes. It (intentionally) doesn't work for other attrs.

Ok. It's easy to enable ?

You need to modify the code. It'll probably check somewhere the syntax of the attributes, in order to skip mucking with non DN-valued attrs.


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