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RE: cn=config

Hi !

   What about updating the schema (e.g. adding a new attributeType)
an ldapmodify operation (e.g. towards the

   Is it needed (in that case) to include the "right" ordering number
(to the
attributeType being defined)?

Thanks in advance

BR / Antonio 

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Mike Johnston wrote:
> Hi,
> When adding olcObjectClasses & olcAttributeTypes to my schema in 
> cn=config, what are the requirements if any for the values? I see when

> I imported from slapd.conf, Openldap auto generated numbers in braces 
> {0} {1} {2} {3} {4} with the proper syntax for the value being
> Must I use the numbers in braces or can I just toss in the syntax 
> correct string for my new attribute and/or objectclass?
> Thanks

As stated in the Admin Guide


The ordering numbers do not need to be provided; they will be generated

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