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Re: Weird SASL thing

Rick Stevens wrote:
Michael Ströder wrote:
Rick Stevens wrote:
 From the script:
    ldapadd -U root -w 'FuNkyP@sswd' -f /tmp/userdata.ldif
ldapadd -U root -w 'FuNkyP@sswd' -f /tmp/userdata.ldif

Maybe different handling of the single quotes around the password in your user shell and the script's shell? Just a wild guess though.

Well, I'm doing the single quotes to hide any special characters (the
actual password contains a bang ("!") in it).

I vaguely remember that I had problems with ! even when quoted. How about setting and trying another password.

Those issues are exactly the reasons why I always recommend to use a decent scripting language like Perl, Python or others with a decent LDAP module instead of a shell-script which invokes the command-line tools. Escaping/quoting rules for strings and also error handling is much better there.

Ciao, Michael.