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Re: slap_sl_malloc of X bytes failed, using ch_malloc

>>>>> "PM" == Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it> writes:

 PM> Since I cannot tell whether the two issues are related, or you hit
 PM> another, already pointed out issue, can you make sure you can
 PM> repeat the malloc failure issue?

i can.  that is to say, each time i start up the replica things chug
along for a couple seconds and then i receive the malloc failed message
followed by a segfault (both the error and segfault are on the master).
i'm happy to share debug output from either the master or replica if
that'd help.

 PM> Please follow the discussion of the above mentioned ITS-es to find
 PM> out if the erroneous behavior you see is related.

note that it's a little different than ITS#5444 in that i don't have to
perform any action explicitly to cause the master to segfault.  it's
also, unlike what's mentioned in your followup to 5444, the provider
that's crashing, not the consumer.

i'll keep an eye on the two tickets.  if there's any further debug
information i can provide or testing i could perform, please let me


kevin montuori