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Re: memberof overlay 2.4.08

LALOT Dominique wrote:

I'm testing memberof overlay and I'd like to get it working properly for a
database migration

My tests showed me that's it's working when adding members in groups, but
for an initial loading, it does not work.


I tested slapadd -q or slapadd without success.

Could you tell us, or write something in the documentation to explain, the
right way for an initial loading.

Currently, there is no solution besides writing a script that populates the memberOf attribute in the LDIF file.

When we will be in production, I imagine that  sometimes, we can get out of
sync between  members and memberof. What can we do in such case.

It should not happen.

The overlay should be reworked in order to have some means to repair its connectivity. This is known but not hardly worked at. You could open an ITS requesting this as an enhancement (or a bug fix, it's a matter of taste).


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