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Re: slapd 2.4.8 core dumping

Hi Howard,
You're correct in that the patches haven't helped. It still core dumps in HEAD, I've installed
unstripped binaries and have a dtrace script waiting to grab more info.

Would you rather have an ITS files against 2.4.8 than HEAD, I don't know how frequently HEAD changes?
HEAD is considerably less stable so far, it's crashed twice today but it may therefore be easier to
trace what's happening.

Is there a preferred log level to try and help a reproducible case out of this?

Thanks, Duncan

dbx from HEAD slapd if this helps.

(dbx) where
current thread: t@8
[1] _lwp_kill(0x0, 0x6, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0), at 0xfe2c599c
[2] raise(0x6, 0x0, 0xfe2f2cb8, 0xfe2a89a8, 0xffffffff, 0x6), at 0xfe2649c8
[3] abort(0xeab3ed30, 0x1, 0x0, 0xad354, 0xfe2f1318, 0x0), at 0xfe2410b8
[4] _assert(0xff32a340, 0xff32a358, 0x2ef, 0x114, 0xad070, 0xff33aa60), at 0xfe2412f4
=>[5] ber_printf(ber = 0xeab3f1f8, fmt = 0x128a18 "{s", ...), line 751 in "encode.c"
[6] send_ldap_control(ber = 0xeab3f1f8, c = 0xeab3f070), line 205 in "result.c"
[7] send_ldap_controls(o = 0x3612c70, ber = 0xeab3f1f8, c = 0xeab3f534), line 260 in "result.c"
[8] send_ldap_response(op = 0x3612c70, rs = 0xeabffcb8), line 465 in "result.c"
[9] slap_send_ldap_result(op = 0x3612c70, rs = 0xeabffcb8), line 628 in "result.c"
[10] send_paged_response(op = 0x3612c70, rs = 0xeabffcb8, lastid = 0xeab3f618, tentries = 28230), line 1224 in "search.c"
[11] hdb_search(op = 0x3612c70, rs = 0xeabffcb8), line 856 in "search.c"
[12] overlay_op_walk(op = 0x3612c70, rs = 0xeabffcb8, which = 32768, oi = 0x160e28, on = 0x8000), line 653 in "backover.c"
[13] over_op_func(op = 0x3612c70, rs = 0xeabffcb8, which = op_search), line 705 in "backover.c"
[14] fe_op_search(op = 0x3612c70, rs = 0xeabffcb8), line 368 in "search.c"
[15] do_search(op = 0x3612c70, rs = 0xeabffcb8), line 217 in "search.c"
[16] connection_operation(ctx = 0xeabffe08, arg_v = 0x3612c70), line 1084 in "connection.c"
[17] connection_read_thread(ctx = 0xeabffe08, argv = 0x48), line 1211 in "connection.c"
[18] ldap_int_thread_pool_wrapper(xpool = 0x1e0dd8), line 663 in "tpool.c"

Howard Chu wrote:
Duncan Brannen wrote:

Hi, I've had (after a long period of stability) slapd core dumping on me, roughly once every two weeks (per slave) they don't all go at the same time but occasionally will go within a few hours of each other.

To me, it looks like it SIGSEGV's in the same place as  ITS5401/5, so my
question is,

Nothing in your trace looks like ITS#5401 or 5405 to me.

Is there a patch for this I can apply to 2.4.8 or is the recommended
route to check out head and try that?

I've been waiting for more feedback from HEAD before putting patches into RE24. Go ahead and try HEAD. But it doesn't look like any of these patches will affect your issue.