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Re: slapd 2.4.8 core dumping (possibly ITS5401)

Duncan Brannen wrote:

Hi, I've had (after a long period of stability) slapd core dumping on me, roughly once every two weeks (per slave) they don't all go at the same time but occasionally will go within a few hours of each other.

To me, it looks like it SIGSEGV's in the same place as  ITS5401/5, so my
question is,

Nothing in your trace looks like ITS#5401 or 5405 to me.

Is there a patch for this I can apply to 2.4.8 or is the recommended
route to check out head and try that?

I've been waiting for more feedback from HEAD before putting patches into RE24. Go ahead and try HEAD. But it doesn't look like any of these patches will affect your issue.

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