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Re: syncrepl not syncing [ CSN older or equal to ctx ]

Gavin Henry wrote:
<quote who="Duncan Brannen">
      I've got a slave that I think I missed out the -w on the slapadd
when I rebuilt it recently and it's
not picking up changes from the master.

What I'm seeing in the log is

slapd[11886]: [ID 502419 local4.debug] Entry
reqStart=20080311204629.000002Z,cn=accesslog CSN
20080311204629.095387Z#000000#000#000000 older or equal to ctx

Every 60 seconds or so. (My retry interval) type is RefreshAndPersist

Is there an easy way to reset the timestamp on the slave / master so
this fires into life or do I need to reload it?

Slave is 2.4.7 and the master is 2.4.8 so it's due another upgrade soon
anyway but I'd rather get then synced now and upgrade out of hours.

What size of db are we talking about?

Pretty small, files are around 300Mb total, 150K entries. It'll only take 20-30min to reload, but it's
much longer to get it in/out of the dns round robin we use for load balancing.