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Re: Getting LDAP and SASL (digest-md5) to play nice

Rick Stevens writes:
> I'm sure I'm not the only person having this issue, but I absolutely
> cannot seem to get SASL and LDAP to work.  I want SASL to authenticate
> using the passwords in LDAP, but in the classic chicken-and-egg
> scenario, you can't talk to LDAP without having SASL working first.

Hmm, this could use a mention in the Admin Guide.

I haven't tried it myself, but: In addition to setting up slapd to
use SASL, you must set up SASL to use LDAP.  In Cyrus SASL, that is
described in doc/install.html: Build with LDAP support (the circular
dependency shows up here too), then use the LDAPDB auxprop plugin.