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Re: OpenLDAP Referrals

"Mack Jenkins" <mack.jenkins@gmail.com> writes:

> What I am trying to do is this.  When my OpenLDAP server is queried
> for authentication, if the user id and password are not local to my
> OpenLDAP server, but they do exist on another OpenLDAP server, I want
> my OpenLDAP server to tell the application that sent the log in
> request, to go to that other OpenLDAP server for authentication.  I am
> hoping this can be done automatically without the user having to make
> another login attempt.

Your are requesting X.500 DAP services. LDAP only supports
referrals. If uid is part of the DN, you may create a named referral
locally and have the client to follow this referral and rebind to the
remot server. 


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