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Re: OpenLDAP Referrals

Mack Jenkins wrote:
> What I am trying to do is this.  When my OpenLDAP server is queried
> for authentication, if the user id and password are not local to my
> OpenLDAP server, but they do exist on another OpenLDAP server, I want
> my OpenLDAP server to tell the application that sent the log in
> request, to go to that other OpenLDAP server for authentication.  I am
> hoping this can be done automatically without the user having to make
> another login attempt.

You can't, since out of scope binds do not return referrals (AFAIK).
You should rather look at gluing (see the "subordinate" directive in
slapd.conf(5)) your local database with a proxy (see slapd-ldap(5)) that
points to your other server.


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