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Re: gosa+samba3.schema and slapd.d-configuration-conversion

Hi Christoph,

Christoph Spielmann <cspielma@gup.jku.at> writes:

> Hello Dieter!
> I added one whitespace to the syntax oids where it was missing in the
> schema-file but this doesn't seem to be the cause of the problems (especially
> as other schemas  sometimes skip the additional whitespace too, and those get
> processed correctly during the conversion process).

This must be a bug, because BNF notation is

AttributeTypeDescription = "(" whsp
      numericoid whsp              
    [ "NAME" qdescrs ]          
    [ "DESC" qdstring ]            
    [ "OBSOLETE" whsp ]
    [ "SUP" woid ]               
    [ "EQUALITY" woid            
    [ "ORDERING" woid             
    [ "SUBSTR" woid ]          
    [ "SYNTAX" whsp noidlen whsp ] 
    [ "SINGLE-VALUE" whsp ]        
    [ "COLLECTIVE" whsp ]          
    [ "USAGE" whsp AttributeUsage ]
    whsp ")"

as you may notice, white space is required.

 Do you have any other
> ideas what could be the cause for the problems?

I'm not sure, but the plus character in gosa+samba3.schema may cause
problems, although syntax of commonName is directory string, therefor
+ is a valid character.


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung