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Re: ldap_result error

I used the libldap_r library as a try when I see that with libldap
library I faced the abovementioned error.

Searching in the list archive, I understand that this try is useless,
because libldap_r is needed if a single connection is  shared between
more threads.
In my scenario it doesn't happen; indeed each thread opens a connection
with a different "slapd" server (i.e. each thread calls the "LDAP_init"
function, performs the bind  and so on) and only it performs the search
request with this server.
Giving more details, I lead the tests implementing a process that (using
the timer interrupt) is waken at constant interval time  and send
requests to these threads  (using UNIX sockets). The threads manage the
requests performing the "ldap_search" and the "ldap_result"

Thanks in advance.

Michael Ströder wrote:
> Fabio Ubaldi wrote:
>> I have one process that needs to communicate with two different LDAP
>> servers.
>> For this reason, the process creates two threads (each thread manages
>> the connection with one server).
> Did you link to libldap_r instead of libldap? Search the mailing list
> archives for more information.
> Ciao, Michael.