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Re: Restoring with SLAPADD

Dave Horsfall wrote:

Delete an entry. Oops, I need it back. Stop the master (and slave), "rm *.bdb __*", "slapadd -nX < slap.out", start the master and slave, check the slave, and the deleted entry has reappeared.

If you need back a single entry or just a few entries I'd rather try to extract them from slapcat-generated LDIF, remove the entryCSN attributes and slapadd them, not the whole database. From my understanding new entryCSN would be generated and the contextCSN would be increased. Howard, is this correct?

Still I'd use slapadd if you can accept the down-time needed instead of normal ldapadd since the entryUUID and other operational attributes are preserved which can be a real requirement in case some other data syncing is based on that.
(Using ldapadd with Relax Rules Control formerly known as Manage DIT control would be another option to restore the entry with the operational attributes.)

Ciao, Michael.