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Re: [phpldapadmin-users] grant access on a attribute specific value

Fabrice Eudes wrote:
> Pierangelo Masarati a écrit :
>> [please do not cross-post]
> sorry.

I mean: keep postings on the same list they started (and they belong
to).  Do not assume I subscribed to any list you did.

>> Did you re-index after changing the index configuration in
>> slapd.conf(5)?  See slapindex(8) for details.
> yes.
> I change a bit the "set" clause using "(employeeType=foo)" instead of
> "(groupesTravail=1200)" and I have the same behavior:
>> index        employeeType        eq
> makes the set clause fails (even after reindexing).
> without the index, access are ok.
> more idea(s) ?

Indexing cannot alter the response of the system.  So your indexing is
not correct for some reason.  I suggest you first work this issue out by
running searches without any ACL.  Then go back to ACL design.


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