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Re: grant access on a attribute specific value


Pierangelo Masarati a écrit :
The only documentation is in
yes. I found it a few minutes ago, thanks for the tip.

My fault (and a bug in the code): remove the "1.1", leaving the "attrs"
field of the URI empty.
I tried this but still can't get it to work :-(

set="[ldap:///ou=personnes,dc=domain??sub?(&(objectClass=iremLillePerson)(groupesTravail=1200))]/entryDN & user" write
set="[ldap:///ou=personnes,dc=domain??sub?(&(objectClass=iremLillePerson)(groupesTravail=1200))]/entryDN" write
by dn="cn=chief,ou=personnes,dc=domain"
where groupesTravail of cn=chief contains the value 1200.

I checked that the filter part is fine.

don't know what to do next... :-(
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