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Re: Dynlist query

Hello Pierangelo, Howard

Many thanks for your respons..



Howard Chu a écrit :
Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Guy Deleeuw wrote:
All work fine, I can retrieve the two group entries.

Now, I try to retrieve the group which have a particular member
ldapsearch -x -LLL -b "ou=groups,ou=portal,ou=www,ou=Exo,o=Eurofer,c=be"
-s sub

Leeuw Guy,br=Internal,o=Eurofer,c=be))"

And I receive an empty respond.

Could you give me your advice about the feasibility of this kind of query ?

This occurs because you can't filter for dynamically created members, as they get added to the entry while it's being returned. So the dynamic members are not present in the entry during search, when the filter is evaluated. You can only filter for static data.

You might want to look at the autogroup overlay


which will be included in OpenLDAP 2.4.8.