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Re: replication with filter "auxiliary object class"

Keutel, Jochen wrote:
  is it possible with OpenLDAP to use a filter


as filter for syncrepl when abc is an auxiliary object class?

Yes, why don't you simply try? ;-)
I did with RE23 and it works. You may run into some issues when having nested objects in a tree hierarchy though. Depends on your data.

Means: A MODIFY operation in LDAP (client ---> server) can result in an ADD or DELETE operation in the replication protocol (server ---> server).

syncrepl is a protocol initiated by the client. AFAIK in standard mode it just detects that an entry as a whole was changed by searching and then changes are applied locally as needed by the replica itself. delta-syncrepl (less chatty) might have issues with this scenario.

Ciao, Michael.