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Re: OpenLDAP Servers and Availability

On Tuesday 12 February 2008 09:28:12 Ishklight wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to set up openldap servers to be available all the time.

What aspect needs to be available all the time? Reads, or writes?

If reads need to be available all the time, make sure you have sufficient 
slaves (taking into account network topology).

If you need HA for writes, then you either need to go with multi-master (you 
may still need some cluster middleware or load-balancer to ensure that 
clients always get to a live server), or you need to go with an HA cluster 
with some kind of shared storage.

> Also, how would I test my requirement?

Once you have a technical requirement (and not just a wish), it should be easy 
to write and implement a test case. In short, this is your job, I'm not going 
to do it for you (unless you pay me). I doubt others on this list will 

> Is it possible to set up highly available openLDAP servers?

Yes, for over two years I have been running an OpenLDAP 2.3 HA cluster, with 
(according to our monitoring system) 100% availability. 

(I note that the two slaves in that deployment have availability of 100% and 
99.99% ...).