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Re: issues with proxycache overlay

Hi Dieter,

thanks for your reply.

Dieter Kluenter schrieb:
Depending on schemas you might have to rewrite attribute types.
ouch, what a fun :(.
I'm having the problem, that I only get back on ldapsearch against the proxy
# search result
search: 2
result: 32 No such object
Any ideas about this issue? Any way to further diagnose the problem?
I assume that every non-cacheable query is sent to the proxied ldap
server anyway and its results are returned directly?

yes that is correct, but still you should run slapd -d pcache to get
more infortion.
Hmm, what kind log-level is this? I only found numeric ones.
Trying the command given is only telling "unrecognized log level "pcache"" either.