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issues with proxycache overlay

Hi there,

I'm trying to proxy and cache some ldap queries which would otherwise go to an
IBM Tivoli Directory Server or another kind of ldap-server.
Therefore I'm trying to use the pcache (proxycache) overlay in openldap 2.3.39.

Is there a problem with that setup so far? Would it need special adjustments to
proxy another kind of ldap server than just openldap?

I'm having the problem, that I only get back on ldapsearch against the proxy
# search result
search: 2
result: 32 No such object

which seems to get as far as getting the user authenticated as I get another error
if I enter wrong credentials ;).
Needless to say that everything is returned correctly if I just change the hostname
to the direct ldap server.

My config is as follows with is directly derived from the configuration:

# proxycache settings
database        ldap
suffix          "o=domainname"
rootdn          "cn=Manager,o=domainname"
uri ldap://hostname/o=domainname
overlay pcache
proxycache    bdb 100000 1 1000 100
proxyAttrset  0 mail postaladdress telephonenumber
proxyTemplate (sn=) 0 3600
proxyTemplate (uid=) 0 3600
proxyTemplate (&(sn=)(givenName=)) 0 3600
proxyTemplate (&(departmentNumber=)(secretary=*)) 0 3600

cachesize 20
directory       /usr/local/openldap-proxycache/var/openldap-data/db.2.a
index       objectClass eq
index       cn,sn,uid,mail  pres,eq,sub

Any ideas about this issue? Any way to further diagnose the problem?
I assume that every non-cacheable query is sent to the proxied ldap server anyway and its results are returned directly?

Thanks in advance,