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Re: Replication errors with 2.3.40

Diego Woitasen wrote:
I have a classic master-slave replication scenario with OpenLDAP 2.3.40. I
have some problems with replication, it fails random with error like I
pasted above.

I don't understand with I get "No such attribte..." if the attribute
exists in both servers. I resinchronized the servers manually but the
problem happened again. This errors happens frequently with Samba
attributes, because are the most active.

This LDAP is a Samba password backend.

I pasted the log file and a search in both servers.

ERROR: No such attribute: modify/delete: sambaAcctFlags: no such value
replica: slave:636

Syncrepl is the way to go. slurpd has been dropped from 2.4 and I'm not sure if anyone looks into slurpd fixes either?

-- Kind Regards,

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