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Re: large ldap server recommendation

When I run db_stat  I get an error
[root@netserv ldap]# db_stat -d dn2id.bdb
db_stat: Program version 4.3 doesn't match environment version
db_stat: DB_ENV->open: DB_VERSION_MISMATCH: Database environment version

The db4 rpm I have installed is "db4-4.3.29-9"

Should I upgrade the db4 rpm ??

That may or may not help. Whatever Sleepycat version you used to create dn2id.bdb (which is to say, the version slapd is linked against) doesn't match your db_* utilities. They have to match -- whether your upgrade would make them match or not is debatable.

So what can you do? The {b,h}db initialize functions print the Sleepycat version they use with LDAP_DEBUG_TRACE. i.e.,

bash$ slaptest -u -d trace 2>&1 | grep Sleepycat
bdb_back_initialize: Sleepycat Software: Berkeley DB 4.2.52: (December  3, 2003)

So you can use that to find what version of db_* utilities you need to play along.