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Re: Invalid syntax on ldapadd


Vinh.CTR.Hoang@faa.gov wrote:

Thanks, that was the problem. Is there any easy way to find out which objectClass goes with which schema, other then just reading all the schemas?

use "grep"? Or google it.

In this case I used grep in $prefix/etc/openldap/schema to find out that "account" really is defined in a schema file - many object classes and attribute types are hardcoded into the openldap server. The hardcoded ones are commented out in the schema files.

If you want a list of all objectclasses/attributetypes your server supports:

ldapsearch -x -H ldap://yourhost -b "cn=subschema" -s base +

or use an ldap browser of your choice. I like phpldapadmin, ymmv.

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