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Re: cloning instances of openldap?

On Wednesday 23 January 2008 18:18:08 Chris G. Sellers wrote:
> I've done this before, but only in testing.   I've cloned to make a
> snapshot too (cp -rp) and then changed the startup scripts and conf
> files, certificates, etc to match the new server.
> I'm curious to see others success of failure with this too.

There are obviously ways this can fail. E.g., servers run different 
architecture platform (e.g. x86 vs x86_64). Servers have different 
(incompatible) major versions of OpenLDAP.

However, you can copy the database files ... even if slapd was running at the 
time, if you are careful about how you copy the database files and 
transaction logs. However, I wouldn't copy certificates around myself ....