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Re: rewriting search scope

Me Me wrote:
> Hi all. I'm looking at using the rwm rewriter to
> rewite some ldap queries. The rewrite contexts don't
> list an entry for the search scope. How can I rewrite
> the scope for a search from say sub (subtree) to one.

You can't

> Also, is there a way to get the ldap query in uri
> format in the rewriter, so instead of using a context
> to get each section can you write the uri (which may
> help my first question). Eg to get
> "http://ldap.server.com/o=searchbase,dc=site?sub?(someattr=somevalue)"
> Once you get the uri like this, you can easily parse it


Let me add that both requests definitely make sense.  Feel free to
submit an ITS for an enhancement request.  A patch that implements it
would definitely be welcome.


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