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ppolicy "check_password" needs include files not available in install

I'm finding the ppolicy overlay very useful for implementing our enterprise's password policies. The build process is a bit of a nuisance tho.

I'm using a modified version of Michael Steinmann's check_password, based on:

http://open.calivia.com/projects/openldap/browser/check_password/ check_password.c?rev=5

It needs:

#include <portable.h>
#include <slap.h>

in order to reference structures like:

char *pPasswd, char **ppErrStr, Entry *pEntry)
    char       *szErrStr = (char *) ber_memalloc(128);

But those includes, and the files they include in turn, do not exist in the installed LDAP include files. So in order to build this little check_password.c program I have to untar and then ./configure all the OpenLDAP source again.

I realize that check_password.c is not an official part of OpenLDAP but would it be possible to put the include files that overlays like this need into the installed locations so overlays wouldn't need to get and config OpenLDAP all over again?

Or can you suggest other ways to get at the structure information that 3rd party software like this needs to compile?